"We Can Do Hard Things"

As Glennon Doyle famously has said, “We can do hard things”. As I wrap up a few days away to write one of the hardest things I have done this week had nothing to do with putting words on this sacred google doc. 


Both my writing coach and my personal team of counsel made mention to me when we started writing this book of the importance of creating a support system for myself. Not to edit my writing, or provide literary feedback, solely to be my cheerleaders + unconditional support along this journey. 


This idea made me so giddy + confused all at the same time. I had this story in my mind that writing a book would be incredibly isolating, lonely, dramatic and moody. To my surprise, I had been told twice in one week that it definitely doesn’t have to be that way. 


Everything is a choice.


Everything is a choice.. that is one of the highest truths that I teach so often in my classes and with private clients. With every fiber of...

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