Costa Rica 003: the big 'ah-ha' moment

Uncategorized May 16, 2022

“It’s okay to be sad after making the right decision”


I’ve spent the last ten years in deep healing and deep inner work learning who I am, what I want, and deep deconditioning of all the societal bullshit + conditioning I no longer chose to carry. While my personal development journey began long before I met Tony Robbins, I have definitely done the most transformational work during his potent immersion trainings. 


I shared about my first experience with him, and have just wrapped up my fifth Tony event since 2019. These immersions are 50+ hours of content crammed into 4-6 days. One’s simple math may allude to average 10 hour days, but in this world there is a widely known mystery of “Tony Time”.


The start time is a loose suggestion and there is no end time, often leading to 13-17 hour days. Tony and his team over deliver time and time again, until the material is integrated with the deepest integrity. Over the...

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My first meeting with The Big Man: A lifeline in my darkest days

Uncategorized May 15, 2022

 About two months into my transition, exiting my companies in 2019, I received an email about an event coming to Los Angeles. It was called “Unleash the Power Within” and there was a picture of a man named Tony Robbins, chest puffed, arms clinched by his sides, screaming to the heavens. I hardly had any knowledge of who Tony Robbins was, let alone why I was receiving this email. My friend gave me a quick debrief and encouraged me to watch the documentary “I Am Not Your Guru” on Netflix. 

Intriguingly fascinated by the intensity of this man, I crawled into my bed and found the documentary. Less than five minutes into the movie I was in tears just like the night in Brooklyn over my mozzarella sticks. I understood. I turned to my friend and just nodded my head. I knew exactly why I had received the email, it was a lifeline. 

This documentary was the first time that he let anyone film his live immersion events for the public and from the bottom of...

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Costa Rica 002

Uncategorized May 14, 2022

“And am not writing cuz i don’t want to tell anyone I’m feeling like a mess..” an actual text message I just sent.


Morgan, Let’s get one thing out of the way, which I already know that you know about me, but I need to hear it for myself - I am also just a human. 



One of my biggest weaknesses in life is scoffing at the idea of being human. Why do I do this? I have so much compassion for everyone else, yes expect myself to be super human?! Yes. Yes I do.  


That’s uncomfortable to say out loud, but it really is my truth. I put SO much pressure on myself to be great all the time, but that is literally impossible and so unrealistic. The most frustrating part is that I “know” this intellectually, but when I am not 150% I start spiraling into a pity party and major imposter syndrome. THEN when I recognize I’m doing it, I get so angry and annoyed with myself for being so ridiculous that I spiral...

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Costa Rica 001

Uncategorized May 04, 2022

Sitting down to meditation on the first evening of my Costa Rica adventure, I asked Spirit what I most needed right now. 

The answer came swiftly and clearly - you need to write. 

Knowing that my travel journals are some of my audiences favorite pieces of content from me, I felt a giddiness within my body. It’s time to begin the Costa Rica travel blog! 

If you are new here I love to write about my days + any insights, guidance, etc. that I receive. I write for the therapy of my soul, also with the transparency to bring you along the journey with me. This present section excluded, I typically don’t write with the “intention of sharing it with you”, I just write, THEN I share it with you. Those feel very different in my body. 

Should you feel called, you can also follow along with the shared album that I’ve created. I create a shared album of all of my travels so that folks can follow along with my adventures, and I don’t have to...

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A letter from Sacred S!ut

I was stopped at a coffee shop by a woman who follows my work. She shared how much she loved my first book, Unravel the Bullsh*t, and expressed she was a little nervous to join BETWEEN THE SHEETS live for the next evolution of my work.


I thanked her and listened compassionately as she shared her nerves.


We ended up having a beautiful conversation about our Sacred Sexuality. How our sexual nature and desires are our divine birthright, and absolutely god-given.


I explained more about BETWEEN THE SHEETS and how this evolution of my work was even teased a little bit in my first book, reminding her of the “Fort Lauderdale” poem where I explained in great detail meeting one of my best lovers for the very first time. She recalled the section, and immediately understood the direction I am going.


I am still evolving what to call this style of writing, but it’s somewhere between erotic poetry and a collection of sexy short...

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Please help me spread the word

Uncategorized May 22, 2021

Hello beautiful human, 


It is no secret that I am very transparent about my recovery, as well as supporting other makers + movers making an impact in the world. I come to you today to share a message from my pal who really needs your help. Taste Recovery is changing the way addicts in need can find reputable sober living homes + the necessary support for success, in a time when the industry could not be scarier. 


I have watched this woman pour her blood, sweat, and tears into this mission + she needs our help. You all know I am very intentional about what I share and what I support, and this could not be closer to my heart.


Please see the below message from my friend, Brianna + please help us to share the message about her crowd-funding campaign that just launched today. If you have it in your heart to donate, all details are below. Awareness is needed more than ever, so forwarding this message on to anyone else you may know would mean the world to us....

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"We Can Do Hard Things"

As Glennon Doyle famously has said, “We can do hard things”. As I wrap up a few days away to write one of the hardest things I have done this week had nothing to do with putting words on this sacred google doc. 


Both my writing coach and my personal team of counsel made mention to me when we started writing this book of the importance of creating a support system for myself. Not to edit my writing, or provide literary feedback, solely to be my cheerleaders + unconditional support along this journey. 


This idea made me so giddy + confused all at the same time. I had this story in my mind that writing a book would be incredibly isolating, lonely, dramatic and moody. To my surprise, I had been told twice in one week that it definitely doesn’t have to be that way. 


Everything is a choice.


Everything is a choice.. that is one of the highest truths that I teach so often in my classes and with private clients. With every fiber of...

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I left the city for a couple of days to write

I left the city for a couple of days to write. 


When I say “I left the city” I mean, I left Huntington Beach and drove down to San Diego to a darling little AirBnB in the hills. I had no prerequisites other than an attractive place to post up with my laptop + some great lighting. The place I have found myself in this week is on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a few rolling hills, full wall windows + a porch swing! The door directly in front of me is completely made of glass, so as I sit here I can see nature, the cotton candy clouds in the California sunset, and a perfectly vibin’ porch overlooking it all. 


I stopped in Encinitas on my way down to grab some lunch and pop into my favorite spiritual shop. I know I can always find things I love in this store, but today I called in Sarah (the energy of my book presented herself to us to be called Sarah) and asked her to guide me clearly and specifically if there was anything we needed to take...

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Book Update #2

Book Update!! I just got off of another session with my writing coach and we have officially met the energy + personality of my book! She is fierce, she is bold, she is not fucking around. 


We invited her to sit at the table with us and boy did she show up! 


We invited her to speak through me + we now have a roadmap, chapters, teaching points, journal prompts + personal stories. 

Eeeeeeek!!! We are writing a book! 


Today I vow to document this journey + share a vulnerable behind the scenes experience. Stay tuned! 


I love you

xo - M. 

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Day One

Today everything changed. 

Today I had my first session with my writing coach. 


She is a really special human and her intuitive gifts ushered in such a beautiful container for us to birth this book. 


While I was over the moon settling in to do the pre-session homework, as I began answering her questions I was covered with a sense of calm and certainty. The thoughts flowed effortlessly through me and I knew that it had begun. 


In our first session together, Carrie and I called in the energy of the book. We invited her to join us at the table and get to know her. Boy does she have a presence. She is bold and confident. She is graceful and intentional. She is here to get down to business and she made herself known. 


She shared with me her name. She shared how she wanted to work with me. She shared how she would guide me, if I allowed her. She absolutely made herself known. She is here with a message and it is hugely important. She is...

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