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NOTE: Not ALL crystals are safe for internal use. We have ensured that each crystal product shared within this guide is SAFE & beneficial for internal use.
In addition to the crystal healing properties of each wand, you can trust that by using an intentional pleasure wand, you are using a body-safe toy that will not leach harmful chemicals into your body (as is the case with many sex toys on the market!)
In this guide, the term "self-pleasure" is used for simplicity purposes, and can absolutely include partner play, and any other sacred sexuality practice that is aligned for you.
In this guide, yoni eggs are recommended for those with a vulva. All other wands can absolutely be used, and enjoyed by all. 
This guide is brought to you in partnership with WAANDS™ and may contain affiliate links. But don't just take my word for it - dive in to this delicious guide and let me know how expansive your sexual releases become! This is literally my favorite thing to receive messages about, so let me know - send me a message