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Uncategorized May 04, 2022

Sitting down to meditation on the first evening of my Costa Rica adventure, I asked Spirit what I most needed right now. 

The answer came swiftly and clearly - you need to write. 

Knowing that my travel journals are some of my audiences favorite pieces of content from me, I felt a giddiness within my body. It’s time to begin the Costa Rica travel blog! 

If you are new here I love to write about my days + any insights, guidance, etc. that I receive. I write for the therapy of my soul, also with the transparency to bring you along the journey with me. This present section excluded, I typically don’t write with the “intention of sharing it with you”, I just write, THEN I share it with you. Those feel very different in my body. 

Should you feel called, you can also follow along with the shared album that I’ve created. I create a shared album of all of my travels so that folks can follow along with my adventures, and I don’t have to feel pressured to not forget anyone when sharing photos. I learned a few years ago in Greece that it was the best way for me to remain unattached to connecting back home. You can follow along when it’s convenient for you, and I just get to adventure, create, and write. 

Here is the link to follow along >>

Being a savvy traveler I found a bomb one-way ticket from LAX. The price for this nonstop was irresistible, so I booked the Delta flight and then began hunting for the perfect option from Tucson to LAX, since I’d be leaving from my Mother’s house. I snagged up the $49 TUS-LAX on Southwest, with plenty of time to gather my bags and make it over to the international terminal. BOOM! One-way leap to Costa Rica BOOKED! 

Ask anyone who knew me from my past “travel for work” lives, I am the girl who packs day of - even notorious for still doing laundry two hours before an international flight. No judgement, that’s just my jam. Left to too much time, I over think it, reassess, and over pack it. If I just GO - then it’s always just perfect. 

This excursion felt different. This wasn’t just an excursion, or a two week trip running away to Italy.. I was packing up to move.

Where I am moving to still has yet to be revealed, but the guidance that came through in December was get to Costa Rica, and only buy a one-way flight. 


At this point in my spiritual journey I have a pretty good knower if I am receiving divine guidance or impulsive behavior. When Spirit declares it’s time to make a move - I make a move. [just like when I was three months into my brand new dream lease in Huntington Beach last summer and Sprit said “Get out of California now. You’re done here”]

Yet packing for this totally unknown trip to Costa Rica felt a bit different. Normally I would load up my car and hit the road!

..not this time. 

No just loading up the Mercedes with miscellaneous tote bags and calling it a day: one because I’d already sold my Mercedes as the leap of faith to show my commitment to making this move, and two no car that I have had the pleasure of owning can swim. 

Knowing it was about time for some new luggage, I did a dry run pack a couple of weeks ago to determine if I needed to acquire an additional piece of luggage. One giant roller duffle was perfectly outfitted with dresses, tank tops, my wetsuit, yoga mat, and some shoes. The rest of my shit was definitely not going to fit in my second back. It was going to take me three smaller bags to accomplish my post-Marie Kondo belongings. I ordered the second bag. 

Begin just a couple of weeks out from my big adventure, I decided to not unpack my perfectly fitted large duffle. I chose instead to live out of the final load of laundry, and half of my mom’s closet until it was time to hit the road!


More soon 😘

yours in growth + healing, 

xo - M.  πŸ’šπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŒˆπŸ¦₯✨


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p.p.s. here is the link to my constantly growing Costa Rica photo album: 


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