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  • a continuously growing collection of erotic poetry + sexy short stories (delivered in copy AND audio🔥 ..sometimes maybe even video, if I'm feeling frisky)
  • articles + taboo blog posts too juicy for "out there" 
  • monthly resources to live your juiciest life
  • VIP member discounts on my entire suite of products, INCLUDING all NEW work, as it is announced

Here are the rules of engagement:

This is a sacred space, not only for myself, but for all members of this community. By joining The Pleasure Portal you agree to hold your highest integrity, open-mindedness, and willingness to expand. I will deliver content (erotic short stories, poetry, articles, blogs, and other resources to support you on the path to your juiciest life) that is in the highest alignment of my truth + my experience.

I do not ever share, create or teach anything that I have not first experienced for myself. My vow long ago to Source/God/The Universe was that if I was shown how to heal my generational lineage, then I would teach others to do the same. 

The Pleasure Portal is the container that I have created to do just that as I embody more and more of my true calling as a writer and a facilitator of sacred space + healing. I take all of the medicine that I embody before I ever share any of it with you, my beautiful community. 

The Portal, as it will hereon be referred to, is the masculine container that I have created to allow my divine feminine to flow. 


I am honored that you have decided to join me on this journey - and a journey it shall be 🔥 💖


I'm a gal who loves options

You get to choose which membership option feels most aligned for you. 

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💖 FEEDBACK + CONVERSATION are welcome on each piece of content [comments may be used for marketing material]

💖 Your feedback helps me to identify which types of content you are drooling over the most! 

💖 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: I will also be sharing brands, resources + conscious businesses that I love to support

💖 BECOME A FEATURED RESOURCE: email [email protected] to be included in our community

I'm a gal who loves options

You get to choose which membership option feels most aligned for you. 

$33 / month
$22 / month
$11 / month

I believe we all have the autonomy to make whatever decisions are in line with our highest good, so I do not believe in contracts. You may leave at any time. You may change your membership donation at any time. You may make additional 'one time' donations at any time. 

However I can best serve you, my sacred community, that also is in alignment with my highest good is what I will always strive to deliver. DM me on IG or email [email protected] at any time. 

I see you,
I love you,
and I cannot wait to dive

LEGAL BITS: must be 18+ to participate. The nature of the content may not be appropriate for all audiences