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This 5 card spread is great for more in-depth guidance

Here's how it works:

  •  YOU set your intention
  •  YOU complete your transaction
  •  MORGAN selects which deck is most intuitively calling for you (I have MANY🥰)
  •  MORGAN pulls 5 cards for whatever guidance is of your highest good
  •  MORGAN creates a gorgeous PDF of your cards, their meanings, and any channeled messages she receives for you
  •  YOU receive your completely custom PDF right to your inbox! 


Sample intentions: 

💖 Transformational Paths (Where you've been, where you're going, obstacles to overcome, suggested action, potential outcome)

💖 Clarity on a particular decision

💖 "What I most need right now"

💖 Have Morgan intuitively guide the reading for what is best for your highest self


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