an intimate virtual experience with erotic storyteller, Morgan Chonis

Book one had the Cheerleading Support Squad that journeyed alongside me through the manuscript writing process and received sneak peak access to sections of the book before it was even finished.

This was my ride or die support system that I needed to walk beside me while writing my first book. That Squad was EVERYTHING to me last year!

Now that I am really leaning into the content ready to be birthed through me next, I have had to do some deep healing around my fear of judgement. Why you ask?!

Well, this new direction is actually the direction my soul has wanted to go for some time now, and frankly I was too damn afraid to fully step into it. 

But Morgan, why?! 

Well, because the type of writing that is pouring out of me is WAY juicier than the first book. In Unravel the Bullsh*t I poured my whole heart out + healed my soul. This next project is what lights my whole fucking soul on fire! 

It is sexy.

It is bold.

It is provocative.

It is taboo.

It is risky. 

I am pulling back the covers on the erotic creative juices that I have been gathering for the last year. 

I am fully stepping in to my voice as an artist.

I am fully embodying the sexual goddess that is me.

I am fully taking up space and lettin’ my freak flag fly!

I am owning this delicious fucking creatrix energy I have been calling in for so long now + I am inviting you along for the ride!! 

I invite you to join me BETWEEN THE SHEETS - a virtual only opportunity to receive volume one of my new erotic experience!

In BETWEEN THE SHEETS I will uncover the behind the scenes deats of how this project came about, the very intentional experiences I have taken myself through to gather these stories, and give you a little tasty taste of the juiciness that I am writing now. 

BETWEEN THE SHEETS is not like the last experience.

BETWEEN THE SHEETS is not some email you’ll get with a preview of my work.

BETWEEN THE SHEETS is a virtual experience with me where I will share, inform, reveal, invite, expose and strip down all the details about where my next books will be taking you! (Yes I said books plural + YES it will be a ride) 

If I have peaked your interest,

If I have revved your engine, 

If I have tickled your senses,

If you have been BEGGING for the next installment of my writing,

If you have been privy to the SHENANIGANS I have been up to,

If you have been living vicariously through the EROTIC experiences you know I’ve been having,

If you are new here and like WTF is this woman talking about,

If you have shared any of these 😏 experiences with me,

If you want to share any of these experiences with me 🀀 then strap on baby!

Join me for BETWEEN THE SHEETS to be transported into the portal where your fantasies reside πŸ”₯πŸ’– 

HOW TO WATCH: Once you opt-in, you will be lead to your member library. Once you login the BETWEEN THE SHEETS video will be there waiting. Once you watch the video you will see the link below for next steps. Be sure to check the box "I agree to receive email communication from Morgan Chonis" to fully complete your opt-in. 

COST: Free fiddy FREE

LEGAL BITS: must be 18+ to participate. The nature of the content may not be appropriate for all audiences. 


"You can tell how passionate you are and I think that's what draws me in"

"I think it's needed, I'm sure more people feel the same (myself included) and once you speak your truth others will feel comfortable to follow"

"OK Morgan πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ that's so hot. I love it"

"Yesssssssssss!!!! I love it and I'm here for it!!! Let's fucking GOOOOOOOO! THIS IS ITTTTTTTTT"

"That's huge dude! I'm proud of you for doin' you. Wow that's going to be so much fun! Next leg of the journey for sure."

"You have a gift πŸ’ this is definitely your zone of genius"



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