Day One

Today everything changed. 

Today I had my first session with my writing coach. 


She is a really special human and her intuitive gifts ushered in such a beautiful container for us to birth this book. 


While I was over the moon settling in to do the pre-session homework, as I began answering her questions I was covered with a sense of calm and certainty. The thoughts flowed effortlessly through me and I knew that it had begun. 


In our first session together, Carrie and I called in the energy of the book. We invited her to join us at the table and get to know her. Boy does she have a presence. She is bold and confident. She is graceful and intentional. She is here to get down to business and she made herself known. 


She shared with me her name. She shared how she wanted to work with me. She shared how she would guide me, if I allowed her. She absolutely made herself known. She is here with a message and it is hugely important. She is...

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My Mission

It is my mission to raise the vibrations of the planet. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

I create high vibe content from the lessons + growth that I have experienced in my own transformational journey.

My greatest gifts are my words + my zone of genius is to create sacred spaces for others to get really fucking raw + honest with themselves. From this container they overcome their fears + limiting beliefs, allowing them to become a vibrational match for the life of their dreams.

We MUST be an energetic match for our juiciest desires!

Which is why I have deduced that how we show up for SEX is how we show up for EVERYTHING!

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