A letter from Sacred S!ut

I was stopped at a coffee shop by a woman who follows my work. She shared how much she loved my first book, Unravel the Bullsh*t, and expressed she was a little nervous to join BETWEEN THE SHEETS live for the next evolution of my work.


I thanked her and listened compassionately as she shared her nerves.


We ended up having a beautiful conversation about our Sacred Sexuality. How our sexual nature and desires are our divine birthright, and absolutely god-given.


I explained more about BETWEEN THE SHEETS and how this evolution of my work was even teased a little bit in my first book, reminding her of the “Fort Lauderdale” poem where I explained in great detail meeting one of my best lovers for the very first time. She recalled the section, and immediately understood the direction I am going.


I am still evolving what to call this style of writing, but it’s somewhere between erotic poetry and a collection of sexy short...

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