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Uncategorized May 22, 2021

Hello beautiful human, 


It is no secret that I am very transparent about my recovery, as well as supporting other makers + movers making an impact in the world. I come to you today to share a message from my pal who really needs your help. Taste Recovery is changing the way addicts in need can find reputable sober living homes + the necessary support for success, in a time when the industry could not be scarier. 


I have watched this woman pour her blood, sweat, and tears into this mission + she needs our help. You all know I am very intentional about what I share and what I support, and this could not be closer to my heart.


Please see the below message from my friend, Brianna + please help us to share the message about her crowd-funding campaign that just launched today. If you have it in your heart to donate, all details are below. Awareness is needed more than ever, so forwarding this message on to anyone else you may know would mean the world to us. 


I love you! - Morgan


- - - from the desk of Brianna Nowlan, Founder + CEO of Taste Recovery - - - 

I founded Taste Recovery to help address the rampant abuse that has resulted from a lack of regulation and oversight of the sober living industry, and to ensure that anyone who is looking for a safe, trustworthy sober living home can find one. Our free app currently lists over 300 peer-reviewed sober living homes in 32 states, and thousands of people visit our site every month! 


We are raising money to expand our operations into all 50 states with the goal of helping 50,000 people find safe, peer-reviewed sober living homes and I am writing to invite you to support our crowdfunding campaign, which we launched today!  


During my own recovery journey, I unfortunately experienced first-hand how practices like patient brokering, insurance fraud, bribery, and even letting “sober” living residents continue using drugs can devastate a person’s ability to get and stay sober.


I am proud that Taste Recovery provides a free, trusted resource for individuals in recovery who have limited options when it comes to finding safe, affordable sober living homes.


Please help us achieve our ambitious goal: go to and donate what you can. You can also share the campaign with your network, which goes a long way too!  


Thank you for your support!



Brianna Nowlan


P.S. I was recently featured in a great podcast to discuss Taste Recovery and our important mission. Check it out!



Brianna Nowlan
Founder & CEO

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