Day One

Today everything changed. 

Today I had my first session with my writing coach. 


She is a really special human and her intuitive gifts ushered in such a beautiful container for us to birth this book. 


While I was over the moon settling in to do the pre-session homework, as I began answering her questions I was covered with a sense of calm and certainty. The thoughts flowed effortlessly through me and I knew that it had begun. 


In our first session together, Carrie and I called in the energy of the book. We invited her to join us at the table and get to know her. Boy does she have a presence. She is bold and confident. She is graceful and intentional. She is here to get down to business and she made herself known. 


She shared with me her name. She shared how she wanted to work with me. She shared how she would guide me, if I allowed her. She absolutely made herself known. She is here with a message and it is hugely important. She is here to change the world, no questions asked. 


To say that it is an honor to be the vessel for her to speak through me doesn’t even feel worthy of this experience thus far. I am so grateful that she has chosen me + I will follow your lead madame! 


Yours to be of service, 




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