The day I hired my writing coach

It is the twenty third day of December of the weirdest year of my life. It is 2020. It’s suddenly blustery and a chill has come over me while I walk the dog. I am home for Christmas, and I cannot stop crying. Of all the tears that this year has bestowed upon me, these are somehow different. I can look myself deep in the eye when I walk back into the house. Mascara painted down my cheeks as I seemingly ugly cry. This one is different. This one is not pain. This one is not grief. This one is not heartbreak. 


This one says, “Yes girl, YES!” 

“THIS is what it feels like to take aligned action for your highest self.”

“THIS is what putting yourself feels like.”

“THIS is pure joy + happiness!”

So why the hysterical tears?! 


I just met my person. 

I just hung up a life changing phone call. 

I just hung up the phone with the guide who is going to usher me through this birthing process. 

I just hung up with phone with a spirit who cast an arrow into my soul and said, “Take my hand, I will trudge this road with you.”


I just hung up the phone with the owner of the publishing house that I’ve been manifesting to publish my first book. 

I have just hung up with the woman who has just agreed to mentor me through the spiritual experience of my first book. 

I have just hired the owner of the publishing house to be my personal mentor. 

I have just hired my writing coach for my very first book. 


It is time. The universe has spoken. 

I am no longer available to stay small. 

This is an unapologetic voice + it is time to be heard. 


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