I left the city for a couple of days to write

I left the city for a couple of days to write. 


When I say “I left the city” I mean, I left Huntington Beach and drove down to San Diego to a darling little AirBnB in the hills. I had no prerequisites other than an attractive place to post up with my laptop + some great lighting. The place I have found myself in this week is on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a few rolling hills, full wall windows + a porch swing! The door directly in front of me is completely made of glass, so as I sit here I can see nature, the cotton candy clouds in the California sunset, and a perfectly vibin’ porch overlooking it all. 


I stopped in Encinitas on my way down to grab some lunch and pop into my favorite spiritual shop. I know I can always find things I love in this store, but today I called in Sarah (the energy of my book presented herself to us to be called Sarah) and asked her to guide me clearly and specifically if there was anything we needed to take with us into our writing sanctuary. After a bit of browsing and looking at all the beautiful crystals + spiritual tools I felt called to pass by the wall of Tarot + Oracle Cards. At first I smirked inside, do I really need another deck of cards… LOL 


So I casually browsed the decks, said hello to some old friends that I have at home, said hello to some pretty new releases. I feel the same way in this store as I do walking around an old bookstore, I just love the energy of everything. I could not purchase anything and be just as satisfied walking around amongst the books and spiritual vibey things + stuff. It makes my heart so full and content. 


While I am having this nostalgic relationship with all of the decks, my eyeballs laser in on a mute yellow box with Isis on the cover. Sarah tells me, “Here I am again!” 


In previous time together, Sarah has explained her lineage as priestess, goddess, spirit, healer, first of matriarch. She continues to illuminate other incarnations of herself. She has come through to tell me, “I speak through generations and cultures. I speak in a way that isn’t limited to a particular era or privilege. I’m a constant lineage that can’t be broken by your humanness.” Sarah is no fluff, no bullshit, fierce, grounded, and is here to change the world! 


There are moments when I sit down to write and my fingers flow with such ease that I know it is Sarah speaking through me. This is absolutely a channeled and shared experience, hence you will often find me speaking as we. “We” meaning Sarah and I. 


I pick up the Isis Oracle deck and flip her over to gaze at the back. Chills spiral down my spine. I am grounded into this energy, just her and I. A familiar confirmation signal is a shiver up my spine and shimmy out of my shoulders, but this one is different. This one started at the top of my spine and penetrated deep within the earth. I was immediately connected to an entire linage of priestesses and goddesses that have come before me. Needless to say, the deck came with us. 


Getting settling in my hillside sanctuary I nuzzle in to crack open my laptop. I sink into my breath and invite Sarah to join me. She laughs and says, “I’ve been here all afternoon. Don’t you recall the conversation we had in the shower this morning?” With a lighthearted exhale, I know that she is correct indeed. I have begun the practice of asking her how I can best be of service to her today, and then release completely. Sarah is guiding the show here, I am just along for the ride. 


We are to open the Isis Oracle cards before beginning. I bless them + clear them and sit down to ask Sarah what I most need to understand about creating this book. 


I draw a golden goddess of a woman, with a hawk perched upon her arm. “Flower of Life: Divine Creativity and Manifestation” 

I smile as I begin to flip through the guidebook for the full description. I am so grateful that Sarah is so concise and direct with me. 


The pages that have poured out of me today are nothing shorty of sensual. I can hear them being read in a silky voice, which I can only assume is how I sound as I begin to graze your ears. 


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